Listen to Social Media & Students

In today’s show of the podcast: Social Media & Students check out an interview with the author of Socialnomics, Erik Qualman. During the interview between Erik Qualman and the host of “Social Media & Students,” Mackenzie Stratton, Erik gave a lot great input on the advantages of using social media. Erik also highlighted how students can use Social Media effectively and gave some tips on how students can create a positive ”digital tattoo.” The author also gave some additional information on how he got his start in social media. This podcast is just over 25 minutes long and is broken down as shown below:

  • 0:00:00 Beginning of Podcast
  • 0:00:51 Beginning of interview with Erik Qualman
  • 0:02:41 What advice do you have for students entering the workforce in regards to social media use?
  • 0:04:12 “Digital Tattoo” & what to avoid when creating your social media personality
  • 0:06:33 Promote yourself without bragging about yourself
  • 0:08:51 What to “Tweet” about to gain followers and use social media effectively
  • 0:11:23 Find your social media identity beyond the label of “student”
  • 0:13:00 What makes social media so important?
  • 0:15:39 Word of Mouth to World of Mouth
  • 0:16:56 Are big companies still in the dark about social media?
  • 0:19:40 “What is Twitter?”
  • 0:20:50 How Erik Qualman stumbled into Social Media
  • 0:24:45 Conclusion of Interview with Erik Qualman
  • 0:25:34 End of Podcast

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